UHW500, UHW500 Nireco- Cảm biến canh biên UHW500 Nireco

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UHW500, UHW700, UHW280, UHW051
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Cảm biến canh biên UHW500, UHW700, UHW280 Nireco, UHW051 Nireco Việt Nam, đại lý Nireco Việt Nam, hãng Nireco tại Việt Nam, cảm biến Nireco
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Cảm biến canh biên UHW500/ UHW700 Nireco Việt Nam

UHW500/ UHW700 Nireco

Overview UHW500/ 700 Nireco

Consistently detects changes in the edge position of transparent/thin/reflective webs - over a wide field of view. 

Not only is the Ultrasonic Autowide Sensor UHW resistant to changes in ambient temperature and humidity, this sensor for the detection of meandering web edges has outstanding features, including a function that automatically corrects the level of ultrasonic transmission when the thickness of the detected web changes. The Ultrasonic Autowide Sensor UHW is a meandering web edge detector that saves time and labor, and is easy to use.

  • Even if the detected material changes, the automatic thickness compensation function enables optimal detection
  • In addition to analog detection output, the UHW500 and UHW700 use CircLink, a digital communications network that is unaffected by the width of the detection field of view.
  • An automatic correction function which minimizes the influence of changes in ambient temperature and humidity
  • Can detect the edges of thin transparent films (3 μm or greater) over a wide field of view
Model UHW500 UHW700
Power supply 15V DC (12 to 18V)
Power consumption 3.0W 3.5W
Detection field of view 500mm 700mm
Detection output 0 to 5 V or 4 to 20 mA, digital communications network CircLink (by SMSC)
Linearity Within ± 0.2 mm
Ultrasonic emission frequency 223kHz
Frequency response 50Hz
Thickness and types of detectable webs Plastic film, paper, metal, etc. that has a thickness of 3 μm or greater
(can not detect non-woven fabric)
Ambient temperature during operation 0 to 50℃
Ambient humidity during operation 35 to 85% RH (no condensation)
Mass 6kg (Detector: 5.5 kg; 2-meter cable: 0.5 kg) 7kg (Detector: 6.5 kg; 2-meter cable: 0.5 kg)


UHW500, UHW500 Nireco- Cảm biến canh biên UHW500 Nireco

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