P 22400 Knick- Bộ cách ly tín hiệu P 22400 Knick Việt Nam

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Bộ cách ly tín hiệu P 22400, A 20400, iso tran 41, 36/37 Knick Việt Nam, đại lý Knick Việt Nam, hãng Knick tại Việt Nam
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Bộ cách ly tín hiệu Knick Việt Nam

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Functional safety and maximum availability can go together

Passive isolators with a technologi-cal advantage: fewer parts mean rare failures.
For measurement and safety reasons, analog signals are routinely isolated in industrial facilities.
The requirements on plant and safety-related circuits are continuously increasing, for instance because of a growing awareness of occupational safety. Thereby, the technical require-ments on components are also being raised. However, higher functional safety is often bought by more effort and at the expense of availability. This does not have to be the case, as proven by the new ProLine P 22400 passive isolator for standard signals. 

Its operating principle enables the implementation of a product that combines high functional safety with high availability in a unique way – a balancing act that would otherwise be hard to achieve.

Facts and Features

  • Functional safety up to SIL 3
    acc. to EN 61508 with certificate from an accredited testing body

  • Average failure rate MTBF: 965 years

  • Low transmission error 0.08 % full scale

  • High isolation including protec-tion against electric shock
    by reinforced insulation up to 600 V AC/DC 

  • Test voltage 5.4 kV AC

  • Minimal losses and low installation effort
    thanks to loop-powered operation

  • Robust design

  • Mechanically stable
    approved by an independent test-ing laboratory, suitable for marine applications

  • Abient temperature range during operation: -40 ... +85 °C

  • Resistant against electromagnetic interferences, meeting stringent SIL requirements

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P 22400 Knick- Bộ cách ly tín hiệu P 22400 Knick Việt Nam

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